Space = Beauty & Relaxation

A lot of what’s been occurring to me lately is the amount of space that should really be put around everything.

It’s so easy to load ourselves up with information.  Nowadays we consume more information in a day than we used to in a decade, something like that!

But when we cram information & sensory overload in, then there is no opportunity, no room for that information to be processed.

What’s really necessary, instead, is for us to create more space in our lives.  Sort of like putting in more RAM, or more processing capacity.  So that deep, integrated, guiding answers can be allowed to come.

So many of us get confused.  So many options & directions & opinions are coming in, but we don’t know which one to choose.

The answer is to go deep, instead of going wide.

Facts & opinions we get off the internet, or from our friends, are wide.  They are external. Whereas true solid guidance, comes from within.  It is internal.

As I’m studying coaching, I am made aware of the tremendous important of listening.   Careful, attentive, full-body listening is really the heart & soul of coaching.

And a lot of what it does for the client is give them space.  It gives them an opportunity, to be fully heard, & in the process, to hear themselves speak.  To literally air out & unpack their thoughts, while being fully & totally listened to.  And as they go, they may say things that even surprise themselves!

You may or may not have a coach at the moment.   But even if you do, making time to process, be still & hear your own deeper guidance should be a daily practice for us all.

And as far as natural beauty goes…  A relaxed mind & body (less stressed from overthinking, overwhelm, & the negative feelings & anxiety that goes with it, that’s taxing on the adrenals!) is a much, much easier path to effortless, natural, beauty — & that’s internal, as well as external!

Less stress & more flow increases circulation, decreases tension-related wrinkles.  It also makes you an easier, happier person to be around — which results in positive feedback from others, which in turn encourages you & further enhances your radiance!

What are some ways you could create more space in your life for processing, & make space for more internal wisdom & guidance for your life today?

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